NPCs in Dragon's Dogma 2 are the non-playable characters the Arisen can meet while on their travels. NPCs include characters who give out Quests, Merchants that sell various Items and Equipment, Innkeepers who manage Inns, and characters the Arisen can make conversation and bond with. In the previous game, almost all NPCs could be gifted Items, bonded with, and become the Arisen's Beloved. In the previous game, various NPCs can be chosen by the player to be their Beloved through a romance system. While this hasn't been confirmed yet for this sequel game, it is an anticipated feature to make a return.

Once the game has been fully released, this page will contain a full list of information on Dragon's Dogma 2 NPCs.

What can NPCs do in Dragon's Dogma 2

In the previous game, NPCs had their own stories to tell and can be found in specific Locations. Some of them served as Vendors for the Arisen - able to trade Equipment and Items for gold that the Arisen earns throughout their journey. Important NPCs, including Vendors, all had an invisible affinity meter with the Arisen, which the player can nourish and build for various benefits, including the capability to take an NPC from a small set of possible choices as their Beloved, who has a specific role in the story.

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Other NPCs serve to help further immerse players in the world of the game, as well as important objective-givers for the game's many QuestsNPCs you can come to help out on the road can also start Quests of their own, may it be in the form of asking you to escort them somewhere, or through giving you information for new Quests. Regardless, players should keep their eyes and ears out for people as they explore the world

Day and Night Cycle in Dragon's Dogma 2

The dynamism of the game results in the perpetual passage of time, regardless of what the player is doing. This results in events happening, like Enemy encounters, NPC movements, and environmental changes in real-time. This becomes increasingly important as the day turns to night, as the world of the game becomes exponentially more dangerous during nighttime. To avoid the dangers of traveling at night, or to be able to easily access certain aspects of the game that are available during the day, players can decide to set up camp first at a Campsite. Some NPCs might only be available at certain times, which can also mean that some Quests or some objectives for Quests might only be available at certain times. Knowing when NPCs are available will also be vital should the romance system return, as well as should the player need certain Equipment or Items sold by specific Vendors.

For more in-depth information on the game's Day and Night Cycle and a list of all the changes that occur at night, visit our page here.


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