Enhancement in Dragon's Dogma 2 is the means of upgrading several pieces of Equipment such as Weapons and Armor. In the previous game, Enhancement required using Items and gold to enhance the damage output and defensive capabilities of Weapons and Armor respectively. After fully Enhancing a piece of gear, it could be further Dragonforged by killing a wyrm or dragon with the piece of gear equipped. The Dark Arisen DLC then further added Rarifying, an upgrading similar to Enhancement, using Rift Crystals instead of gold. Once the game is officially released, this page will be updated with all information on the Enhancement mechanic in Dragon's Dogma 2.

What is Enhancement in Dragon's Dogma 2

Enhancement is the system of upgrading and making Equipment stronger in the game. In the previous game, basic Enhancement was done by consuming specific Items as Materials for Enhancement, along with the required amount of gold to enhance the Weapon Stats or Armor Stats of a piece of Equipment. This would naturally result in stronger damage for Weapons, and better damage mitigation for Armor. Each piece of Equipment could be Enhanced for a total of three times, marked by how many stars they have, for a maximum of three stars.

Two more forms of Enhancement in the previous game were called Dragonforging and Rarifying. The former is the way to Enhance Equipment past the three stars of basic Enhancement, and then the latter is designed to Enhance them even further than Dragonforging. Dragonforging happens by chance after defeating Dragon-type Enemies while having the target Equipment equipped, while Rarifying is done through a specific NPC in the Dark Arisen expansion by consuming specific Items as Materials along with a specific amount of Rift Crystals.

It is yet unclear if Dragon's Dogma 2 will retain this system of Enhancement of Equipment. However, players can expect to at least have a system similar to the basic Enhancement. Dragonforging may also make a return along with the presence of the game's Dragon and possibly other Dragon-type Enemies. Players can expect Rarifying less than the other forms of Enhancement as they were specific to the Dark Arisen expansion of the previous game, but they may create a similar system later on following the release of this sequel game's own DLCs or Expansions.

This page will be updated as more information about Enhancement in Dragon's Dogma 2 is released.


Dragon's Dogma 2 Enhancement Guide

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