Pawns in Dragon's Dogma 2 are the Arisen's companions throughout the game. Each Arisen has their own Main Pawn - a fully customizable NPC, from appearance to Vocation, that could be lent and borrowed by other players. Players are able to hire a maximum of three other Pawns, making a party of four to tackle the game's many adventures. In Dragon's Dogma, Pawns would call out enemy weaknesses, provide the player with crucial buffs and healing, and have an impact on the story.


What are the Pawns in Dragon's Dogma 2?

Pawns make a return in Dragon's Dogma 2, with what seems like the same capabilities and functions as the previous game. Pawns are loyal beings from another realm lacking emotions and independence who exist solely to serve the Arisen. They possess a glowing scar on their right hand to attract or grab the Arisen's attention. From the first game, every Arisen is accompanied by a Main Pawn, who shares a close bond with their master. The Main Pawn was completely customizable, and the Arisen has complete control over their Main Pawn's name, appearance, behavior, occupation, gender, equipment, and persona. The trailer has revealed a new race called Beastren, humanoid beings with feline features, so it stands to reason that Pawns might be able to be customized as one, should customization of Pawns be possible again. Pawns can fight for the player and provide various advantages, such as knowledge about levels, treats, or quests, all depending on their Inclinations, which are what determine their AI behavior. Inclinations can evolve based on the Arisen's actions, with some being more desirable than others, and their compatibility with Pawns varies between vocations. Some examples of Inclinations are tendencies to heal more, look for items when you're out and about in the overworld, or immediately go for the weakest enemy first in the fight. A few frames in the trailer also showed what seemed like either the Arisen and a Pawn, or two Pawns doing a high five in front of a dead large enemy, suggesting new ways of interacting with Pawns, or perhaps a victory frame of sorts.


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In Dragon's Dogma, the realm that Pawns came from was called the Rift - a transcendental realm that connects different Arisen and their Pawns. Players could access the Rift by using Rift Stones found throughout the world to connect with other players' Pawns. The Rift itself housed a single Rift Stone used to search for and enlist Pawns, as well as depart from the Rift. Within The Rift, the Arisen could search for specific Pawns, and hire or dismiss them as needed. Based on the trailer footage, Rift Stones are also set to return in this sequel game, suggesting the return of the capability to hire other players' Pawns and lend the services of your own.


rift stone pawns character dragons dogma 2 wiki guide

DD2 Gameplay Reveal Impressions

This page will be updated as more information about Pawns is revealed. In the meantime, view our reveal impressions on the trailer for a sneak peek at Pawns in Dragon's Dogma 2.




Dragon's Dogma 2 Pawns

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