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Dragon's Dogma 2 Wiki Guide: Everything we know so far from Bosses, Pawns, Vocations, Weapons, Enhancements, Skills, to Crafting Guides, Walkthroughs, Builds, Ending Guides and more for Dragon's Dogma 2 - the long-awaited sequel to Capcom's Dragon's Dogma.




Dragon's Dogma 2 Wiki Guide: Everything about Dragon's Dogma 2 

The Dragon's Dogma 2 Wiki covers all you need to know on your journey as the Arisen in Dragon's Dogma 2, from information on DLCs, Combat basics, Weapon and Armor Lists, Skill Trees to a game completion Walkthrough, Quest Guides, Builds for both you and your Pawn, how to get certain Endings and more for Dragon's Dogma 2. The Dragon's Dogma 2 Wiki will keep you up-to-date on news and data for this 10 year awaited sequel to Dragon's Dogma.


What is Dragon's Dogma 2?

Dragon's Dogma 2 is the greatly anticipated sequel to Dragon's Dogma, initially released in May 2012. Not much has been announced as of yet, except that is it currently in development. 


When will Dragon's Dogma 2 be released?

The release date for Dragon's Dogma 2 is yet unannounced. The game was announced to be in development on June 17th, 2022, during the 10th anniversary celebration video for Dragon's Dogma.


Dragon's Dogma 2 System Requirements

Recommended Specs

  • OS: TBC
  • Directx Version: TBC
  • Processor: TBC
  • Memory: TBC
  • Graphics Card: TBC
  • Storage: TBC

Minimum Specs

  • OS: TBC
  • Directx Version: TBC
  • Processor: TBC
  • Memory: TBC
  • Graphics Card: TBC
  • Storage: TBC

DD2 Gameplay Reveal Impressions



Dragon's Dogma 2

logo homepage dragons dogma 3 wiki guide 300px
Release Date TBC
Platforms PC (Steam), Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®5
Publisher Capcom
Developer Capcom
Genre Action RPG
Mode/s Single-Player


The Story of Dragon's Dogma

Dragon's Dogma follows the story of the player character, a regular person hailing from the small village of Cassardis. While the knights of the nearby city are recruiting village residents into their order, Cassardis is suddenly attacked by a Dragon, an intelligent yet devastating creature that shows up sporadically across time to wreak havoc across the land. Being the only person to stand up against the threat, the Dragon takes the heart of the player character, marking them as the next Arisen. Strangely, the dragon attacks come to a halt after this incident.

Throughout the game, the player character discovers their purpose as an Arisen - the Arisen is a person strongly connected to the Dragon who, due to their heart being taken, does not age. They must embark on a journey and gather strength to reclaim their heart from the Dragon. Our protagonist soon finds out that they do not have to travel alone, however. The village chief introduces the Arisen to a man named Rook and urges them to take Rook with them to the nearby encampment to start their journey. He explains that Rook is a Pawn, people from an unknown place who neither have emotions nor the will to act of their own volition. Later at the encampment, you learn that Pawns come from a mysterious place known as the Rift and that they exist to serve and aid the Arisen on their journey.

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Before they are able to command the Pawns, however, the Arisen is asked to prove themselves worthy of their services. Because of the Dragon's appearance, monsters have started becoming more hostile and aggressive. While the Arisen is staying the night at the encampment, a Hydra unexpectedly attacks, but is swiftly defeated by the Arisen's impressive martial prowess. Impressed by the feat, Mercedes, a soldier of noble blood from a neighboring duchy, promises to give in a good word for the Arisen to the duke. On top of this, the Arisen is granted full command of the pawn legion and has the freedom to choose their main Pawn, their closest confidant.

With a hydra trophy in hand, the Arisen and the soldiers of the encampment make their way to the city of Gran Soren. There, the Arisen comes across the Pawn Guild, a place of respite for all Pawns run by Barnaby. In addition to being a gathering place for Pawns, the Pawn Guild acts as a gate to the Everfall, a sprawling dungeon ruin that lies beneath the city. The Everfall is a mystery to the people of Gran Soren, save for the fact that the Pawns are tied to the place somehow.

Soon after, the Arisen is tasked to complete a series of Wyrm Hunts before they are granted an audience with the duke. These quests include meeting the Dragonforged, an ancient Arisen with great bouts of knowledge on the Dragon, and investigating Salvation, a cult dedicated to Dragon. Upon meeting the duke, and completing a set of Royal Orders, he invites the Arisen to his Treasury for a talk and some rewards for their hard work. Duke Edmund Dragonsbane was once an Arisen who earned his place as the Duke of Gransys after slaying the Dragon of his time.

The Arisen is finally tasked with aiding the duke's soldiers with the Dragon on the front line. But before they get the opportunity to do so, an urgent report comes in that Salvation has taken over one of the duke's strongholds. After confronting the cult's leader and besting him in battle, the Dragon shows up and urges the Arisen to find him immediately. Later, it is revealed that the Dragon has taken the Arisen's beloved hostage and that he has a bargain for them. The Arisen can either choose to fight the Dragon to reclaim their heart, or they can sacrifice their beloved in exchange for the thing they want the most - be it power, knowledge, riches, etc. Should the Arisen agree to the latter, they become the new Duke of Gransys. 

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Should the Arisen choose the former, however, a series of events is set into motion. The death of the Dragon returns not only the Arisen's heart, but also the hearts of past Arisen who had taken the Dragon's offer. The Dragonforged crumbles into dust, leaving his Pawn behind, and the duke confines himself in his castle study, having aged rapidly. Upon returning to Gran Soren, cheers and celebration do not await the Arisen, but instead death and despair with the collapse of the Urban Quarter, exposing the Everfall to the surface. Enraged with the loss of his immortality, the duke accuses the Arisen of conspiring with the Dragon and destroying the city, causing all soldiers of the city to be hostile towards them.

With nowhere left to run, the Arisen jumps into the crater leading into the Everfall where they meet Quince, a Pawn who helped an Arisen from another time battle the Dragon. She asks for aid in completing her master's quest of collecting Wakestones, after which she opens a rift leading into the Seneschal's Chamber. In the chamber, a mysterious figure challenges the Arisen with multiple trials with multiple choices to make. If at any point the Arisen falls in battle, they are shown to be reborn into the next Dragon. On the other hand, the Arisen has the choice to return to their peaceful life, before Cassardis was attacked by the Dragon.

If they persevere and make it to the final trial, it is revealed that the Seneschal, the keeper of the world, sometimes referred to as God or The Maker, is in fact an Arisen that has demonstrated incredible willpower through their trial with the Dragon, and bested the previous Seneschal and their Pawn. By defeating the Seneschal in the final trial, the Arisen earns the title of Seneschal and all the responsibilities that come with it. Instead of fulfilling their role, however, they stab themselves with the Godsbane, the only blade able to kill the Seneschal. Their body plunges back down onto Gransys along with their Pawn. The story ends with the Pawn waking up in the Arisen's body on the beaches of Cassardis.


Dragon's Dogma 2 Everything We Know So Far

Dragon's Dogma 2 Story & Setting

Dragon's Dogma takes place in Gransys, one of many duchies and kingdoms in the game's world. The game makes mention of many other regions however, such as Hearthstone, Mercedes' homeland, Meloire, where Lady Aelinore hails from, the wastelands to the west of Gransys, an area dubbed 'the mainland' where the Grand Cathedral and Great Library are situated, and so on. 

Judging from the first trailer, Dragon’s Dogma 2 seems to take place in a region with similar geography and terrain to that of Gransys, with the gameplay footage showing vibrant areas beset with monsters, dangerous closed areas with some of the larger enemies, and even an inn-like setting presumably from some form of a capital city, ruled by the man sat on the throne. As shown in the trailer, at least part of the story seems to take place in a location called Vermund, seemingly ruled by someone called the Sovran. Neither of these terms was mentioned in the first game, but again we also know that Gransys is just one region in that world. The first game also referenced the existence of different worlds other than the one player's journey through, which means different Dragons and Arisens, so the exploration of a completely different world is not out of the question.

As for the story, Capcom has revealed that the main character starts their adventure in the depths. While it’s not revealed why this game’s Arisen is in an underground jail, their journey starts with the beckoning of the Dragon, to rise up from the depths and come to challenge him, as destiny dictates. The outside world above seems to have numerous conflicts that the Arisen will have to resolve, such as the need for protection of Empress Nadinia, and the presence of someone masquerading as you. Similar to the first game, the player will have to face different enemies on this journey, including the return of several large enemies, like the Griffin, Troll, and Cyclops. New enemies seem to be making an appearance as well, such as the Medusa-like enemy, and the large Sphinx shown in the trailer. A new race called the Beastren was also revealed, creating a larger variety of personalities and characters. Of course, the end of the journey (or the beginning of the Endgame, as was the case in the first game), is marked by the inevitable battle with the Arisen’s Dragon who will hold his heart. As for the identity of this Dragon or more specifically whether or not Grigori makes a return, it seems it could go either way from the few clips in the trailer. Nevertheless, the identity of the Dragon will go a long way toward determining which of the many endings of the first game is canon in this second one. For example, one speculation could be that the Dragon is indeed still Grigori, and the current ruler of Vermund is the Arisen from the previous game who took the Grigori’s bargain and so became the new ruler. Of course, this begs a number of questions, like why the change in the Royal City’s name, and the sudden appearance of a completely different race. Nevertheless, the story is proving to be one of richness and complexity, and Capcom is sure to keep us at the edge of our seats for new reveals.


Pawns in Dragon's Dogma 2

Pawns played a big role in Dragon's Dogma not only in terms of gameplay but also story. In the 10th Anniversary celebration message for Dragon's Dogma, director Hideaki Itsuno explained that while he envisioned Dragon's Dogma as an offline single-player game, he wanted there to be some feeling of connection with other players and characters, like in an online game. With this in mind, he and the team created the Pawns - support-oriented AI NPCs that feel and act like online companions. Being able to fully customize the player's main Pawns, from appearance to vocation, made them feel more attached to their Pawn. Moreover, the Pawn system allowed players to show off their creations through lending, hiring, and gifting other players' Pawns

Pawns are making a definite comeback in Dragon’s Dogma 2. We can expect them to be able to do the same things - call out enemy weakness, provide the player with crucial buffs and healing, and make an impact in the story. The presence of the Riftstone has also been confirmed to return, suggesting the capability to lend the services of your Main Pawn to other players around the world. Capcom seems to emphasize the game as a single-player, narrative-driven action RPG so chances are a bit slim for any multiplayer capability other than this.

Dragon's Dogma's unique combat system

Being a fan of action games, Dragon's Dogma Director Hideaki Itsuno hoped to combine the essence of combat from action games missing from typical RPGs, and the storytelling aspects of RPGs together in Dragon's Dogma. To add to this, Art Director Daigo Ikeno in the Dragon's Dogma 10th anniversary video expressed his observation that many standard action RPGs that introduced giant and epic creatures ended up having combat systems that only allowed players to hack at the monster's feet. With Dragon's Dogma, they hoped to mix this up and introduce a dynamic combat system.

One such mechanic is the use of magic in-game. In Dragon's Dogma, the Arisen's energy is used up based on the power of the spell used. Conjure up a powerful enough spell and the Arisen is left breathless and panting, requiring a few seconds to recover before they can cast another spell. The most noteworthy combat mechanic, however, is Dragon's Dogma's grabbing and climbing mechanics. Besides just getting to use their weapons on an enemy, the Arisen and their Pawns are able to interact directly with enemies and the environment around them, such as grabbing an explosive barrel to throw at enemies, grappling an enemy to give your allies a chance to land a hard-hitting move, or pushing enemies off of cliffs or other such environmental hazards. Not only can the player character do this, but enemies too. Griffins, Cyclopses, Hydras, and the like will pick the Arisen up to drop them from a height or lock them in place for a devastating move. The Arisen can do this to their Pawns too, though not to the Pawn's benefit. Large monsters and bosses cannot be grabbed or grappled, but instead, they can be climbed on. While climbing on a monster, depending on your vocation, you can send a flurry of dagger strikes or cast a spell onto any of the monster's body parts - the head, torso, second head, and eye - and not just have to slash at the monster's feet.

From the first trailer, it seems like Dragon’s Dogma 2 indeed retains the first game’s unique combat system, showcasing the player mounting a flying Griffin as they deal damage to it. Using the engine Capcom has been using for the Resident Evil series also makes for a more advanced physics system for the games, shown in the trailer by being able to interact with a frail bridge mid-fight, and an even smoother combat flow.


Character Customization in Dragon's Dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma boasted an intricate Character Creation phase for its time, with options to change everything down to the pixel position of a variety of elements of the character’s face. With elevated graphics, we can expect even more layers of intricacy in Dragon’s Dogma 2, as well as the option to create an Arisen from the Beastren race, an all-new humanoid race with feline features. From the trailer we can see one such Beastren wielding a two-handed sword in the player's POV, suggesting the availability of the race for character creation.

Dragon’s Dogma also presented a fresh take on the class system, an RPG staple for character customization, ensuring every player’s enjoyment depending on their preferred playstyle. These Vocations along with their plethora of Skills are making a comeback in the sequel. For the most part, the gameplay clips seem to show similar vocations to the first, featuring the Warrior wielding a two-handed weapon, the return of the Magick-Archer, possibly a Fighter or a Mystic Knight wielding the staple sword and shield combo, the Ranger wielding his trusty bow, and vocations with purely magical capabilities, like the Mage or Sorcerer. A possible new vocation shown was one that wielded a censer as a weapon like a flail, seemingly also capable of magic to be able to create a transparent bridge over two disconnected platforms. Another new type of magic was shown capable of bending the laws of physics and forcing enemies afloat, only to blast them away the next moment. Overall, Dragon’s Dogma 2 is positioned to show us huge upgrades on its already amazing customization systems.


Dragon's Dogma 2 Platforms

Capcom has confirmed that Dragon's Dogma 2 will be available on the PC through, as well as the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation®5, and will be using their Resident Evil engine. As they’ve been releasing amazing remakes and new games alike with this engine, get ready to experience the beautiful landscapes of Dragon's Dogma with next-generation graphics and systems.

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