New Player Help for Dragon's Dogma 2 covers valuable information for new Dragon's Dogma players. This page aims to provide the basic tools and knowledge required in navigating the game and serves as a good starting point in helping new players and refreshing veteran players on the game's mechanics. This sequel game is set to have Combat mechanics similar to the previous installment, with even smoother gameplay and a great level of increase in dynamism in terms of the environment's interactability and constant changes along with the returning Day and Night Cycle. Once the game has been officially released, this page will be updated with key information regarding fresh game playthroughs.

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Vocations in Dragon's Dogma 2

Vocations in Dragon's Dogma 2 are the many character classes the player can choose from. The Vocation you choose for the Arisen or your Pawns dictates what Weapons and Skills they are able to use, as well as how their Stats increase per level up. Players will have four starting Vocations to choose from: ArcherFighterMage, and Thief. A new advanced Vocation has been confirmed in the Mystic Spearhand, which combines the use of magick and physical melee with a Duospear. The Magick Archer, specializing in long-ranged magical damage, also returns from the previous game.

vocations character information dragons dogma 2 wiki guide

For more in-depth information about the game's Vocations and a list of all the Vocations in the game, visit our page here.

Day and Night Cycle in Dragon's Dogma 2

The dynamism of the game results in the perpetual passage of time, regardless of what the player is doing. This results in events happening, like Enemy encounters, NPC movements, and environmental changes in real-time. This becomes increasingly important as the day turns to night, as the world of the game becomes exponentially more dangerous during nighttime. To avoid the dangers of traveling at night, or to be able to easily access certain aspects of the game that are available during the day, players can decide to set up camp first at a Campsite.

For more in-depth information on the game's Day and Night Cycle and a list of all the changes that occur at night, visit our page here.

Campsites in Dragon's Dogma 2

New to this sequel game, players will be able to set up camp in various spots throughout the world called Campsites. Players can only camp in Campsites if they have an Item called a Camping Kit. No information has been revealed yet as to the nature of this item - whether it is a consumable, or a type of Key Item players only need to acquire once to be able to use over and over - only that it is required to camp at Campsites. It is also still unclear whether or not players will be able to set up camp in order to manipulate the in-game time by certain intervals, or if setting up camp will always result in a single night passing, thus resuming the adventure during the day, when it's safer to do so. Nevertheless, when nighttime gets too dangerous, players will have this option to pass the time and be able to explore at safer times.

For more in-depth information on Campsites and a list of all Campsite Locations, visit our page here.

The Oxcart in Dragon's Dogma 2

This is a new traveling feature for the game that allows players to safely traverse and navigate through the new world. When traveling to a Location through an Oxcart, players have the option to close their character's eyes throughout the ride to effectively finish the ride quickly. This can be helpful when traveling at night so players can effectively skip through the perils of nighttime as they try to get to their destination. However, Oxcart rides can also be interrupted by ambushes by monsters or bandits and the like, resulting in a conflict that players will need to resolve in order to continue. It is yet unclear as to whether or not this feature is set to completely replace the use of Ferrystones and Portcrystals to fast travel in the game. Nevertheless, the new feature promises to give players better immersion, as well as more opportunities to manage their time in the game.

For more in-depth information on Oxcart rides and a list of all Oxcart routes and Locations, visit our page here.

Dragon's Dogma 2 New Player Help

Attacking in Dragon's Dogma 2

Players will be able to deal damage to Enemies in a variety of ways. When using their Weapons to attack, the basic formula is to string together Light Attacks and Heavy Attacks to dish out damage. Depending on the Weapon they have equipped, which depends on their chosen Vocation, the Light Attack and Heavy Attack will be called different names but will retain the same button placement. For example, the Fighter wielding a Sword and Shield will have Onslaught as their Light Attack, while the Thief wielding daggers will have Carve as their Light Attack.

buttons new player help guides dogma 2 wiki guidebuttons2 new player help guides dogma 2 wiki guide

Using Light Attacks does not deplete the player's Stamina as is and are quicker strikes that allow players to be flexible and nimble on the battlefield. Heavy Attacks on the other hand are slower and will take Stamina to use. A designated button will allow players to switch their button placements to show their equipped Weapon Skills which replaces the default placements. This allows players to easily access their Skills and use them as the Combat situation necessitates. It's important to note that Weapon Skills deplete Stamina as well.

Stamina and Mounting Enemies in Dragon's Dogma 2

In the Exhibition version of the game, the player's Stamina can be seen as the yellow bar under the green health bar. Dashing depletes the health bar, as well as jumping and attacking using Weapon Skills and Heavy Attacks. When the player is doing nothing or just walking and using Light Attacks, their Stamina will automatically regenerate over time. When the Stamina reaches dangerously low levels, the yellow bar will pulsate to warn the players that it's running out.

mounting combat general information dragons dogma 2 wiki guide

A staple mechanic in Dragon's Dogma is being able to grab onto larger Enemies and cling onto them to mount them to dish out damage at point-blank range. Mounting will also cause the Stamina to drop continuously as long as the player continues to cling to the large Enemy. Light Attacks will also consume Stamina while mounted and contribute to its depletion. When Stamina gets fully depleted, the player's character will be forced to stop whatever they're doing to try and catch their breath as their Stamina regenerates to a certain amount. This is especially dangerous when fighting more aggressive Enemies as it leaves you vulnerable, and mounting flying Enemies will carry the extra risk of dropping to your death should you mismanage your Stamina.

Enchanting Weapons in Dragon's Dogma 2

Another staple from the previous installment is the ability to enchant Weapons with elemental attributes. Skills that have this effect were learned by Vocations that use Staves or Archistaves. This mechanic is one of the more reliable ways that players can make their team stronger and grant a significant boost to their damage in real time as they fight their Enemies. These Skills were generally referred to as elemental Boons, with Elemental Affinity as their stronger versions.

enchant combat general information dragons dogma 2 wiki guide

The Exhibition version of the game shows that this mechanic makes a return in this sequel game, as the player's Weapons can be seen endowed with the power of different elements. It is unclear if the spells retain their names in this sequel game, but it seems that the Mage party member is indeed able to enchant the character's Weapons with the power of fire and lightning so far. When the enchantment is active, the Weapons will glow with the color that matches the element chosen. Depending on their Inclinations, Pawns with the right Vocations will cast the appropriate enchantment Skill on the party's Weapons, depending on the elemental weakness of the Enemies they are currently fighting.

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